BRAF V600e and Tumor Invasiveness

BRAF is a substance that is now being very seriously researched in the treatment of cancer. BRAF v600e is what is medically known as a mutated (changed) form of a cancer cell. BRAF v600e is said to be found in various types of cancers including that of skin cancer or melanoma. BRAF v600e kinas is a serine inhibitor such as chemo therapy that is used to target the cancer cells to die. It has been noted that the BRAF genes are seen as the most frequently altering genes in melanoma. These alterations have been reported in both primary and metastatic melanoma cells and tumors, at a rate ranging from 31% to 75%.

Furthermore, studies also have demonstrated that breaking down the mutant BRAF v600e in human skin cancer cells not only inhibits the growth of the cells but prevents invasion of healthy cells and promotes apoptosis; meaning death of living cells which is a normal cell function, without which both malignant and benign cells can develop. Accordingly it is believed that the BRAF gene can be considered as a new method of treatment for skin cancer. Although the benefits of the new BRAF v600e treatment is clearly seen as beneficial in the treatment of melanoma, most of the patients will not be able to benefit from this treatment due to lack of accessible samples of tissue. This unfortunately means that selecting patients based on the mutation frequency of their tumors will be very restrictive. In view of the fact that a very high percentage of normal tissues are very often found in melanoma tissue samples taken from patients, a less invasive but more sensitive method on determining a patient's level of mutation is said to be required.

These findings have resulted in more research being carried out and certain ongoing trials with BRAF v600e are said to include typing of mutation in tumors in their analysis. Although the results are not yet known, it is hoped that when more potent and targeted BRAF inhibitors become available, it will be possible to find types of mutation that will have greater relevance in selecting the patients most suitable for this treatment.

Another study was carried out on women with malignant thyroid cancer which is said to be the 8th most common cancer in women. These studies Have shown that incidence of this malignancy has increased much quicker than any other cancer. Although tests were carried out in some women and a positive correlation was found between the cancer and BRAF v600e, it had not been possible to arrive at any conclusion due to the histological differences of the study types such as different countries, different environments and genetics which would have made an impact on the results obtained. The good news is that the clinical trials show convincing evidence of the fact that BRAF v600e is found to be a very positive in tumor invasiveness regardless of the size of the tumor.

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